Sheffield’s Seminar of "British Educational System and Vocational Education" Successfully Held in Our College

    On May 25, Zhongwen Xu, Director of Strategic Development Fund and Plan of the Sheffield College, held a lecture on “British Educational System” for our teachers and students in 2nd floor conference room of the administration building in High-tech campus.

    The room was crowded over 60 students and with their great expectation, Mr. Xu began his passionate speech in accompany of Yuemei Chen, Director of the Department of Foreign Languages and International Exchange.

    The Lecture fell into 4 four parts: Introduction to Britain; Introduction to Sheffield City (friendly sister city of Chengdu); the British higher education and vocational education; and the exchange projects of the Sheffield College and our college. Mr. Xu carefully explained the educational differences between Britain and China, introduced British educational system, educational contents and purpose, and paid great attention to students’ learning practices as well as business development. The students got a comprehensive understanding of the British educational system and the British school system from the one and half an hour English lecture, while their English has been well tested.

    During the lecture, the students responded very enthusiastically to speak and ask questions, making the atmosphere rise higher. Mr. Xu made patient and detailed answers to students’ questions, and continued to praise their language abilities and learning abilities.

    Finally, Mr. Xu sent the gifts, badges and materials of the Sheffield College, to the teachers and students present. In the pleasant atmosphere, the lecture ended successfully.