President of CDVTC was Invited to Take Part in the “Sichuan Visits Taiwan” Program

    During May 23-28, on the invitaion of Chinese KMT Central Committee, Liu Qi-bao, Secretary of CPC Sichuan Committee, led the delegation to take part in the “Sichuan visits Taiwan” program. He Ji-ming, president of CDVTC, as the only representative invited from the government-run vocational college, went to Taiwan to take part in the program.

    In the afternoon of May 24, the Sichuan-Taiwan College Presidents Forum was held in Taipei. This is one of the significant events in the program. Presidents from 11 Sichuan colleges and 35 Taiwan colleges attended the forum. He Ji-ming introduced aspects of CDVTC and elaborated on the talents training pattern, vocational training, the employment of vocational college graduates, etc which received good comments from other presidents and aroused hot discussion.