Ms. Gaye Rawding, Director of the International Education Ministry of Nova Scotia, Canada, and His Entourage Made Visit to Our College

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    In the morning of October 11, Ms. Gaye Rawding, director of the International Education Ministry of Nova Scotia, Canada, Dr. Jeffrey Orr, Dean of Education Department of St. Francis Xavier University, Sunny Bai, Asia director of Canada's National Education Center, Ms. Kang Dongfang from Chengdu office of Canada's National Education Center accompanied by Huang Xingguo the Director of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Chegndu Education Bureau made visit to college. They had received the warm reception by He Jiming, our president and Ling Hong, our vice president.

    Gaye Rawding and her collegues vist High-tech zone software education park

    During the inspection, the guests visited our Software Park and expressed a keen interest in our college-enterprise cooperation. Subsequently, the two sides negotiated on matters of international cooperation and exchange. President He Jiming gave an overview of the development of the Institute, professions settings and the international exchange. Ms. Gaye Rawding made a brief introduction to the basic situation of education in Nova Scotia. After the exchange, the two sides agreed that there was broad space for teachers and students short-term exchange cooperation, and explored possible areas and forms of cooperation

    Gaye Rawding introduces the profie of education in Nova Scotia