Online Class 2013 from Northwestern Polytechnic University Witnessed a Smooth Start in Our College

    After two months of careful preparation in full swing, the online class project held with Northwestern Polytechnic university started again this year.

    On the basis of last year’s cooperation, our college closely communicated with the NPU to determine the theme of this year's online class and the starting time. Thanks for the support form the Office of Academic Affairs, Modern Education Technology Center and Institute of Finance, preparation work like the equipment testing, network connecting, courses and classes adjustment was done.

    This time the online class had a total of 24 sessions; all implanted in college English teaching and was given by Kevin, Northwestern University professor focusing on the two topics of “public speaking" and "Business Communication". Foreign language and International exchange institute of our college sent Xie Xuan and Yang Qiuhong, two teachers as classroom interpreters and guides to help students in the classroom communication with the foreign teacher during the course of the network.

    The second time’s smooth start of the online Class marks steady progress of the international exchanges and cooperation of our college and played a catalytic role for key demonstration work.