21Century Balanced Education of Knowledge, Skill, and Ability---Global Education Consortium Delegation Visits CDP

    After visited Huayuan campus and exchanged ideas with student representatives, the delegation of Global Education Consortium came to Gaoxin campus to have a talk with CDP leaders on May 24, and they delivered a lecture themed “balanced development of knowledge, skill and ability in 21century”, in which students actively involved.

    In the morning, the GEC delegation accompanied by president He Jiming and vice president Ling Hong, had a tour of software education park. They spoke highly of the idea and practice of running school by involving government, sectors, enterprises and schools after listening to the Director of Software, Xiang Hua who introduced the enterprises headquartered the park, student innovative team, teaching ideology of combing theory and practice, projects assembled teaching mode. Later, some of the delegation came into classroom to exchange ideas with students and teachers face to face. Mr. Xie Zuoqi, the leader of the delegation and president of NPU had a productive talk on cooperation with Mr. He.

    In the afternoon, accompanied by vice president Ling Hong, the delegation came to the auditorium, delivering a lecture with the subject of Balanced Development of Knowledge, Skill and Ability in 21century. In the lecture, Mr. Xie Zuoqi, the leader of the delegation and president of NPU made a keynote speech, and other members also gave their opinions about the relationship between vocational school students’ employment competition and knowledge, skill and ability. Mr.Xie encouraged students to discard stereotypes, find and play fully their own advantages in career of new century. Their speeches were responded by students with applause and questions often.