Our college Deepened the Cooperation with the University of Savoy

    April 17, Prof. Annie and Prof. Jean Philippe from University of Savoy France made a special trip to Huayuan Campus of our college to participate in the five students’ internship defenses which were part of the manager personnel training of the Accor Ibis project. Ms. Ling Hong, vice president and Ms. ChenYuemei, dean of Foreign Exchange Department attended the meeting.

    Accor Ibis manager personnel training project was the order class created jointly by Accor group and our college in 2008. Through the language training and professional study, qualified students went to France to learn specialized skills and knowledge of hotel. As the Accor Group had higher requirements for hotel senior management personnel, the five students continued their undergraduate studies of tourism, hotel or leisure major in University of Savoy after completing all the project training and internship. This time’s defense was the last course.

    The five students used French to answer all the questions very well and the two professors were very satisfied, offering them much encouragement and praise. The conclusion of the defense meant that the students smoothly went through all the undergraduate studies of University of Savoy and they would get the undergraduate diplomas awarded by the University of Savoy, France.

    The graduate Students of this program are currently hotel office executives of Accor Group in Beijing, Shanghai and Yangzhou.

    In the afternoon, Professor Annie and Professor Jean Philippe held simple interviews with 3 sophomores who had the intention to join the programs. They thought the students had a good level of French and they hoped that they could maintain and keep learning. The University of Savoy had signed a friendly cooperation agreement with our college and according to the agreement; we would select some graduates with good English and French level to continue their undergraduate studies in the University of Savoy.