Introduction to CDP

Nature Position:Chengdu Vocational and Technical College is a full-time, general higher learning college sponsored by Chengdu Municipal Government, undertaking mainly higher vocational education, adult education as well as training and professional accreditation at various levels. It is one of those pilot institutions of higher learning that conduct the Sichuan Provincial Credit System reform, the IT specialty reform of vocational colleges and the national IT Training Base supported by central finance: College Orientation

“To Nurture Mainly Modern Service Talents Together With Building Personnel Training Base of Chengdu Modern Service Industry.”



College Profile:The College is made up of four campuses, Hi-tech campus, Qingyang campus, Jinjiang campus and Huayuan campus in Xinjin, which are located in Chengdu High-tech industry development zone, tourism and cultural center, business and financial center and the township of the prior development in Chengdu respectively. The advantage of location in the districts is obvious. The total existing site is 530 acre (353,350 square meters), the construction area 250,000 square meters, teaching equipment worth 25 million yuan, possession of more than 500,000 book collection. The teaching equipment and facilities are advanced and perfect. The teaching conditions are good; there are more than 500 staff, of whom nearly 300 full-time teachers, with Senior Title as professors, associate professors, etc. nearly 100, more than 80 teachers with doctor’s or master's degree. Relying on geographical advantages, the college employs hundreds of industry experts and senior managerial staff as part-time teachers, specialized in the teaching and guide work of practice.